All in a dietitian’s day

There’s no telling how many dietitians are now employed by grocery stores, but suffice to say, the number is growing. Alberta dietitians Kristyn Hall and Heidi Piovoso made a case for the dietitian’s role at a April 14 seminar at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s convention and trade show in Calgary.

The grocery store is probably the one communal place that most consumers share on a weekly basis. She points out that grocery store flyers reach millions, more than any other print media in the country. So it’s a natural fit for dietitians to be on-site, trusted advisors on health and wellness.

The rise of food tribes is a trend that’s keeping dietitians busy in retailer halls. These are people who identify as followers of specific diets such as gluten-free, vegan or flexitarian. With all of these eating patterns, whether out of belief or dietary need, comes a need for balanced nutrition. And for balanced advice.

Shopping for soy products?  As my last blog pointed out, it’s helpful to have a navigator through the store aisles. That’s exactly what a dietitian can do —  they help clients find nutrition solutions for their health and wellness.

Just as chefs have become media stars, I can also see the day where dietitians will carve a higher-profile communications role. Kristyn Hall is an astute dietitian who is making nutrition and food exciting. Want to make a Buddha bowl with edamame beans as the protein star? Go to her website: