The back story to the tofu barley bowl

Hand it to Grain Farmers of Ontario. They wanted to showcase their key ingredients to the federal minister of agriculture visiting their exhibit at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The heads-up was that an entourage of Asian journalists would be accompanying Lawrence MacAulay. The idea was to highlight a soy ingredient to tie in with the fact that Asia is a major destination for food-grade soybeans.

And so the tofu barley bowl was born. Registered dietitian Lisa Mardlin Vandewalle created the recipe which was tweaked for an Asian audience. Ingredients included barley, orange peppers, spinach, avocado, black beans, tofu and feta cheese. Brianne Curtis, communications coordinator for Grain Farmers of Ontario, put her own twist on the dressing: two tablespoons each of rice vinegar, soy sauce, soybean paste (white miso) and vegetable oil.

This recipe is so flexible. For more suggestions on how to make it your own, go to:

Federal agriculture minister Lawrence MacAulay

demonstrates the simplicity and healthfulness

of his own tofu barley bowl.