Back to school with soy as a starting ingredient

It’s a new year and resolutions for better back-to-school, back-to-routine lunches are in order. Foodland Ontario’s recipe for a vegetable dip is inspiring for its starting ingredient:  silken soft tofu.

A 12-ounce package of high-protein tofu is the perfect whiteboard for vitamin-rich herbs such as chopped fresh parsley, green onions and dill. Brighten with a squeeze of lemon juice, a grind of black pepper and a sprinkle of salt and you have a healthy dip for seasonal vegetables.

For kids, carrots and celery are logical choices. However, for adults, ramp up the sophistication by crumbling a little blue cheese into the dip and experiment with julienned kohlrabi or pear slices.

Unfamiliar with silken tofu? It has the most water of any of the tofu textures, making it simple to use in a blender or food processor. Prep time – and clean-up – are minimal.

The best idea yet? In a pinch, it’s a great recipe to pep up pasta.  I used tri-colour fusilli.

Here’s the recipe link: