Bumping up exercise, muscle mass and protein

Gerontologists say that it’s never too late to start exercising. The idea is to keep limber, stimulate the heart and prevent muscle loss.

Recent research with volunteers aged 60 to 75 completed 30 weeks of training. The results are in the Globe and Mail’s November 6 article: Muscle loss is common as we age, but there may be a fix. (globeandmail)

What’s interesting is that a combination of high and low-intensity workouts proved the most beneficial. But there was a caveat. Make sure that you’re getting enough protein to trigger the maximum muscle growth from your workouts.  

“One of the insidious effects of aging according to research led by McMaster University’s Stuart Phillips is that your muscles become less sensitive to the growth trigger provided by protein. So older people, perhaps surprisingly, need more protein than younger people if their workout is less intense.”

The counsel? Some protein at each meal is ideal.

Soy products offer variety, economy and flexibility to an aging demographic. Try soy milk on cereal for breakfast before your walk. Enjoy a soy-based vegetarian patty on a whole wheat bun for lunch. Choose seasonal vegetables and tofu in a stir-fry for supper.

It’s doable. It’s walkable.