Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Soy Garnish

My Soy Odyssey
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Soy Garnish

There’s no better way to travel – with no passports — than through a cookbook. With the Chinese New Year upon us, it makes sense to explore “Essential Chinese Cooking” by Jeremy Pang. He founded the School of Wok and the concept of the wok clock – preparing and arranging your ingredients in the order in which they are to be cooked.  Start with midnight! 

One of his recipes is sea bass with a soybean garnish. I had never heard of using salted soybeans. They are fermented soybeans preserved in brine. This product is found in most Chinese grocery stores. Pang says they add a nice texture to the sauce. For the entire recipe go to:  http://news.nationalpost.com

In my own quest for new recipes, I find that taking just part of the recipe – for example, the sauce, the vinaigrette – and fusing it with my own familiar dishes, is a way to broaden horizons.  I also like the Chinese custom of assigning symbolism to dishes. A whole fish means abundance. In this, the Year of the Rooster, I’m crowing about new ways to use soy foods.



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