Dreaming about a good night’s sleep

If food is thy medicine, then look no further than soy foods to help cure insomnia. What you eat prior to bedtime is a good predictor of a good night’s sleep.

Recent research published in the Nutrition Journal studied the impact of isoflavones on sleep duration and quality. The diets and sleep patterns of more than a thousand Japanese adults were studied. Higher isoflavone intake, from 22 mg to 166 mg, in a 2,000 calories per day diet was positively associated with optimal sleep duration and quality.  (http://ow.ly/LE0B301Li23)

Soy foods are well known as a storehouse of isoflavones, with the highest concentrations of isoflavones of any plant. So it makes sense to turn to these foods for a snack two hours before retiring for the night.

A creative snack is to make an edamame hummus. In a food processor, puree two cups of shelled, cooked edamame with a teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of cumin, a drizzle of olive oil and juice of one lemon. Spread on toast or crackers.

Crave something simpler? Make your nightcap a glass of soy milk.