Edamame, one of Food Day Canada’s 150 ingredients

Food Day Canada never gets stale. For starters, the celebration founded by cookbook author Anita Stewart, has a fierce following by foodies from coast to coast. It’s a way to honour farmers and fishers and all the folks who bring food to the table.

On August 5, this year’s celebration highlights 150 distinctly Canadian ingredients. Some are common to the entire country, but others are found in regions and sometimes, only in season. For the entire list, go to: http://bit.ly/29YLMJH

Edamame, green soybeans, won’t be available in the pod for another month in the provinces where soybeans are grown: Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, Manitoba, and more recently, Saskatchewan. However, the good news is that flash freezing the immature beans makes them available year-round. Look in your grocer’s freezer section for both shelled edamame and edamame still in the shell.

In the summer, bean salads are popular. I nix the lima beans and substitute the glistening green of edamame in my favourite recipe.