Grab the Olympic rings with sOy

The Rio Olympics are the Media Olympics, an endurance test of churning out stories from every possible angle. Run like a winner. Think like a winner. Eat like a winner.

The stories are endless. But one stuck with me:  Runners, don’t underestimate the power of protein.

Turns out that protein is just as important as carbohydrate when preparing to compete.  And when you eat your protein is right up there with how much protein you consume.  In fact, recent research shows that your body can optimize only about 20 to 30 grams of protein at a sitting. That means protein shouldn’t hog the plate at dinner time.

Elite athletes are coached to time their protein intake throughout the day to repair sore muscles and boost immune systems. This advice can be part of your Olympian days too.  Try a cup of soy milk on cereal (7 grams) or a snack of half a cup of edamame ( 11 grams) or a quarter cup of soy nuts (11 grams.)

Incidentally, Health Canada recommends 25 grams of protein-rich foods per day to lower blood cholesterol. I’d say that’s the making of a champion in everyday life too.