In honour of the Chinese mid-autumn festival

Set for September 15? In China, it’s the mid-autumn festival and here in Canada, it’s an excuse for a feast. Or a toast to the full moon, a central character in the harvest celebration that dates to the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD).

Amanda, a Winnipeg-based blogger, pays tribute to the holiday with a recipe for Ma Po Tofu.

To remain true to the Sichuan roots of this classic, doubanjiang, or spicy bean paste can be sourced from specialty shops. But I also found a more accessible recipe at What’s common to both recipes is the poaching of firm tofu cubes in simmering water, draining the tofu in a sieve and then sliding the cubes into a wok pan for the final stir fry. This technique tenderizes the tofu, before it’s smothered in spicy sauce.

In my Internet research, there are as many versions of ma po tofu as there are for meatloaf.  In other words, make this one your own.