Know your science source

The consumption of news is like the consumption of food: know your source!

As the lines between fact and marketing become blurred, it’s easy to fall prey to the latest food cure-all. The good news is that soyfoods do have an approved health claim in Canada linking the consumption of protein-rich soy food to lowering cholesterol levels. Health Canada says science says so.

An online publication from the U.S. regularly summarizes research about soyfoods. Called SoyConnection, the newsletter is authored by Dr. Mark Messina who curates the latest research. In his July 2017 issue, (, he addresses the notion that in postmenopausal women, isoflavone exposure may improve some aspects of cognitive function such as memory. But in his review of the scientific literature, the authors concluded: “the evidence to date is not sufficient to make any recommendations about the association between dietary intake of soy isoflavones and cognition in older adults.”

I find this report to be refreshing in its conclusion that soyfoods don’t solve every health issue. That makes his other research reports all the more credible.