Kudos to tofu

Four pages in the early summer edition of Food and Drink Magazine is a big coup for soy foods. Especially when the feature is entirely about the culinary history of tofu. No recipes. No drinks. Just facts.

Kudos to Toronto-based author Robert Hercz for demystifying this versatile ingredient in “Talking Tofu.”  His Tofu 101 shows how to press, marinate, bake, sear and freeze.  He even suggests searching out fresh tofu in urban shops or restaurants.

It’s a timely article as vegetarians and flexitarians alike search out alternative protein recipes for the BBQ season.  Sunrise Soya Foods, one of Canada’s tofu manufacturers, is currently running a “Just add tofu” contest. Look for their cottage-worthy recipes at www.sunrise-soya.com/recipes/. Mango avocado salad with tofu requires only 10 minutes of prep and no cooking. Chocolate faux cheesecake has to be lauded for only 280 calories per serving, thanks to medium-firm tofu replacing cream cheese.

And sriracha smoked tofu eggs benedict is a modern take on an old classic.

What’s sriracha? It’s a red chili and garlic sauce common in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Pronounced see-rah-jah, it’s a great flavour booster for the blank canvas of tofu.