Make soy part of your lifestyle

The Soyfoods Association of North America ( is a repository of  soyfoods research, particularly on the most up-to-date health studies. A recent headline caught my attention:  Long-term soy consumption protects against breast cancer-promoting genes.

Researchers from Vanderbilt University say that soyfoods have demonstrated anti-cancer properties such as regulating cell growth and programming the death of mutated cells.  They studied genes and RNA fragments in tumour tissue of about 300 patients with triple-negative breast cancer to see if eating soyfoods had a long-term impact.

The good news is that eating soyfoods prior to cancer diagnosis led to more expression of the genes that suppress tumour growth and less expression of the genes that can cause cancerous mutations, especially cell growth-related genes in breast tissue. The patients who were found to have this protective effect averaged 12 grams of soy protein per day – about two servings.

EatRightOntario has published this handy guide to servings. (

Sources of soy protein

Soy product Serving size Amount of Soy Protein
Tempeh ½ cup

16 grams

Roasted soybeans ¼ cup

15 grams

Edamame ½ cup

11 grams

Fortified soy beverage

1 cup

10 grams

Tofu ½ cup

10 grams

Miso 1 tablespoon

2 grams