Impressed with Soy

My Soy Odyssey
Impressed with Soy

At a time of year when indulgence is often the rule, it’s refreshing to learn about The Skinny on Soy. In her newly published book, health advocate Marie Oser refutes the 12 myths of soy.

One of the most common myths is about the role of phytoestrogens.  Phyto — derived from Greek – means plants. The estrogens in plants are a thousand times weaker than those produced by humans, she says in a Facebook interview:

I also learned from her interview that you can make your own soymilk.  As an American, she buys her non-GMO soybeans from Iowa and “presses” (my term) her own milk once a week.  Google “soymilk maker,” and you’ll be surprised at all the carafes available for your kitchen.

To achieve the highest yield of soymilk, soak the soybeans overnight. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, dump the drained soybeans and fresh water into the carafe.  It will first heat the water, then grind the beans and finally filter the resulting liquid. The soymilk is brought to the boiling point several times. When the cycle is complete – in about 15 to 30 minutes – you’ll have a quart of fresh soymilk.

Order your soymilk maker just in time for New Year’s Resolutions.

Karen Davidson is an agricultural journalist who has covered many facets of the food system, from beef cattle, grains and oilseeds, to fruits and vegetables.