Nothing routine about this soy-based salad

One of the most common questions for newcomers to soy is where to find soy products. While tofu is often found in the produce aisle, soymilk is snuggled beside the alternative milks in the dairy section. Edamame? Shelled or in the pod, edamame can be foraged in the freezer aisle.

A recent surprise for me was a flyer from M & M Food Stores, that urban oasis of frozen pre-packaged foods. It was promoting a fusion vegetable blend of sweet yellow corn, black beans and shelled edamame. The package reads: “frozen at the peak of freshness and a high source of fibre.”

Inspired, I made my own mixture with peak-of-harvest corn kernels sliced from the cob, a drained can of black beans and defrosted edamame. For colour, I added diced red pepper. Take a fistful of basil leaves and chiffonade into strips for an aromatic herbal element.

While everyone wants the fulfillment of scratch cooking, there’s a huge element of convenience in this recipe. It’s easily modified for back-to-school suppers with end-of-summer flare.