Soy in every aisle

South of the border, April is National Soy Foods Month. Personally, I think soy is for every month of the year, but I’ll stand by the efforts to publicize this high-protein plant food.

What is very helpful is a chart on where to find soy foods in the grocery store. You’ll be surprised to find soy foods in almost every aisle – from the dairy section to the produce wall to the cereal aisle.

Soymilk, yogurt, cheese and coffee creamer hold their own as a cholesterol-free choice in the dairy space.  Soy nut butter can be found in the spreads aisle, a helpful alternative if an allergy to peanut butter is a concern. Firm and silken tofu, along with tempeh, can often be found alongside global vegetables on the produce wall.  Retailers are hoping that you’ll do a vegetable and protein stir-fry.

The soybean is indeed a plant power factory. My grocery cart is overflowing, taking this tour. Try a soy tour the next time you shop.