Soy: Meat Without the Bones

My Soy Odyssey
Soy: Meat Without the Bones

One of the 29 most unusual mystery ingredients on the popular TV show Chopped Canada comes from the soy family:  soya bean curd sheets. It’s right up there with periwinkle snails and romanesco greens.

Soya bean curd sheets, I’ve discovered, look very much like sheets of pasta except that they are tofu skins, the skins that form on soymilk when it’s boiled.  The “dried” skins can be moistened – just like pasta – with vegetable broth or water and brought back to life. 

Let’s hope the Chopped Canada contestants had some experience with the Cantonese cuisine of dim sum. Soya bean curd sheets are used to make tasty appetizers. The following recipe explains how to rehydrate the sheets, stuff with ground pork, mushrooms and vegetables, then deftly fold into a roll.

The tutorial is worthwhile for how to roll these delicate wrappers and to steam them afterward. Want a vegetarian version? Replace the ground meat with savoury vegetables.

Soya bean curd sheets are available at Asian grocery stores such as T & T Supermarket.

Karen Davidson is an agricultural journalist who has covered many facets of the food system, from beef cattle, grains and oilseeds, to fruits and vegetables.