Soy is Now Being Served

My Soy Odyssey
Soy is Now Being Served

Sriracha-flavoured smoked tofu stir fry was on the luncheon menu for a recent meeting of health professionals.  Every year, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair curates a program just for them in Toronto, Ontario. Not only can they savour the latest in local food trends, they can hear the latest from experts such as Dr. Evan Fraser, Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security.

It was a thoughtful segue from soy for lunch to Dr. Fraser’s talk about the future of food security.  His perspective integrates nutrition, sociology, political science, geography, international development and psychology with knowledge from biotechnology, crop science, hydrology, agricultural economics and soil science.

I dare say that soy’s future is bright as he painted a challenging picture of feeding the world in the next few decades. With arable land under increasing pressure, soy’s status as a high-protein crop compares well with other staples. Or alternatives such as insects!

Increasingly, I’m hearing the concept of how much protein can be produced per acre or how many calories can be produced per acre. How we measure productivity might well shift in the next decade.

Karen Davidson is an agricultural journalist who has covered many facets of the food system, from beef cattle, grains and oilseeds, to fruits and vegetables.