Soy’s salad days

Edamame glistens in a summer salad. For those unfamiliar with the immature beans of a soy plant, these emerald globes are the perfect protein to add to any summer salad. Edamame soybeans have an al dente texture unlike the hard and dry mature soybeans which are cooked into a mash to make soy milk and tofu.

Edamame can be sourced in the pod — or shelled — in the frozen food section at your grocer. Save some preparation time and buy the shelled beans.

What’s so attractive is that green edamame contrasts with black beans and yellow corn niblets. I concocted my own salad dressing with three tablespoons of lime juice and an equal portion of olive oil. Amp up the spice factor with a teaspoon of cumin and chili flakes to taste. Finish the vinaigrette with torn leaves of cilantro and lime zest.

My inspiration came at my grocer’s takeout counter with a spicy edamame salad, flecked with a red pepper dice, wild rice and quinoa. In some cookbooks, this is called a confetti salad. In my personal recipe notes, I named it the Green Globe salad.

Green Globe Edamame Salad