Think Farmers, Thank Farmers

In another week, the leaves will be gone. By October 31, count on it.

And for many farmers, harvest will be finished too. It’s a surprising fact that soybeans are grown in almost every province ranging from the Maritimes right through to Saskatchewan. Who knew that soybeans grew in Saskatchewan, in the province known for wheat? Actually, it’s only been in the last four years that soybeans have been grown in the bread basket.

My point is that for consumers, soybeans are under the radar in terms of our iconic Canadian crops. Yet, if you look closely at soy products, more often than not, you’ll find the “made in Canada” label. That’s a comforting fact to know Canadian farmers are growing soybeans which form the base of a myriad of soybean products.

Local soy milk?  You probably hadn’t thought of it that way, but chances are the soybeans trucked in totes to a nearby processing plant, were grown not far from your town or city.

It’s harvest time.  Think of farmers.  Thank a farmer.