Three Wise Tofu Recipes

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Three Wise Tofu Recipes

‘Tis the time of year to be gifting cookbooks and a new one gets my five-star rating. It’s called “Nourish” by chef Nettie Cronish and registered dietitian Cara Rosenbloom. 

Containing more than 100 recipes of whole foods that feature seeds, nuts and beans, this softcover book is also a trove of innovative ways to prepare tofu. Three in particular get my nod.

Nettie Cronish introduces her recipe of Scrambled Tofu with the note:  “I have been eating tofu for over 40 years. The variety and packaging keeps getting better and better.  No more leaky tubs of tofu, and what a choice in texture!”

Organic firm tofu is suggested for this recipe which gets its distinctive yellow colour from the spice of turmeric.  Saute your favourite vegetables such as green onions, peas and spinach then add crumbled tofu and the spice to the frying pan.  In about three minutes, you have a healthy breakfast. 

Because tofu can be easily crumbled, it’s also the star of Tofu Minestrone. This is a hearty soup with a vegetable broth and a line-up of root vegetables and crushed tomatoes.  Add a can of akuki beans or legumes of your choice for a meal in a bowl.

I’ve always thought that silken tofu is a secret weapon for reducing calories.  That’s the case in Green Goddess Dip with only 47 calories in two tablespoons. Cara Rosenbloom combines silken tofu with olive oil, lemon juice, honey, dill, onion, minced pickle, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. It’s a keeper – literally – for about five days in the fridge.

You can find “Nourish” online and hurry, to get enough copies for you and your friends.

Karen Davidson is an agricultural journalist who has covered many facets of the food system, from beef cattle, grains and oilseeds, to fruits and vegetables.