Home soy run for the holiday

It’s true. The average grocery store carries 35,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) of every imaginable item. If you’re looking for soy products, Sobeys has the most extensive choice of any grocer in my town. In the freezer compartment, Gardein golden filets jumped out at me. First, the most prominent label was “fish-free” although the photo looked […]

The back story to the tofu barley bowl

Hand it to Grain Farmers of Ontario. They wanted to showcase their key ingredients to the federal minister of agriculture visiting their exhibit at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The heads-up was that an entourage of Asian journalists would be accompanying Lawrence MacAulay. The idea was to highlight a soy ingredient to tie in with […]

Bumping up exercise, muscle mass and protein

Gerontologists say that it’s never too late to start exercising. The idea is to keep limber, stimulate the heart and prevent muscle loss. Recent research with volunteers aged 60 to 75 completed 30 weeks of training. The results are in the Globe and Mail’s November 6 article: Muscle loss is common as we age, but […]

Know your miso

In this digital universe, food bloggers follow other food bloggers. So when I learned that the Taste Canada Awards had honoured Diversivore for top food blog, I had to sniff out the story. Sean Bromilow writes from Richmond, British Columbia. Atypical in the food world, he writes from the unique perspective of bachelor’s and master’s […]

Taste Canada Awards honour a rich cooking tradition

Tonight, the food glitterati of Canada will gather in Toronto to toast the best publishing of the last year. Nourish, a cookbook of whole food recipes featuring several soy ingredients, is on the shortlist. “Eating well doesn’t hinge on a pinch of calcium here and a dose of Vitamin C there, it’s about eating a […]

Why the Canadian soy harvest matters

Take a drive in the country, even at night, and you’ll still see combines groaning at work. The last of the 2017 soybean harvest is coming off the field. There’s gold in those pods coloured like a brown paper bag. We’re lucky in Canada. Our farmers, some of the most progressive in the world, are […]

A clear view on smoky tofu

Along the line of smoky hills The crimson forest stands, And all the day the blue-jay calls Throughout the autumn lands. Yes, it’s a very old poem called Indian Summer. And that’s exactly what Food and Drink’s fall edition is celebrating with its recipe for Brussels sprout and smoked tofu sliders. Caramelized Brussels sprouts are […]

Nothing routine about this soy-based salad

One of the most common questions for newcomers to soy is where to find soy products. While tofu is often found in the produce aisle, soymilk is snuggled beside the alternative milks in the dairy section. Edamame? Shelled or in the pod, edamame can be foraged in the freezer aisle. A recent surprise for me […]

Know your science source

The consumption of news is like the consumption of food: know your source! As the lines between fact and marketing become blurred, it’s easy to fall prey to the latest food cure-all. The good news is that soyfoods do have an approved health claim in Canada linking the consumption of protein-rich soy food to lowering […]

Edamame, one of Food Day Canada’s 150 ingredients

Food Day Canada never gets stale. For starters, the celebration founded by cookbook author Anita Stewart, has a fierce following by foodies from coast to coast. It’s a way to honour farmers and fishers and all the folks who bring food to the table. On August 5, this year’s celebration highlights 150 distinctly Canadian ingredients. […]