Soy’s salad days

Edamame glistens in a summer salad. For those unfamiliar with the immature beans of a soy plant, these emerald globes are the perfect protein to add to any summer salad. Edamame soybeans have an al dente texture unlike the hard and dry mature soybeans which are cooked into a mash to make soy milk and […]

Frozen becomes fabulous

I love hijacking a recipe — using just part of it, replacing ingredients, making it my own. That’s what I did with Toronto chef Haan Palcu-Chang’s recipe for Edamame and Sour Cream Wontons with Chicken Broth in the May 20 issue of the Globe and Mail. Honestly, I want to use just the edamame and […]

Soy makes a three-time stage appearance

Soy is a versatile actress, appearing three times in a new recipe published in Food & Drink Magazine. Author Jennifer MacKenzie – formerly of the Canadian Living test kitchen – has given new life to the soy staple by pairing grilled tofu with Asian greens, a miso dressing and soy-glazed sesame seeds. MacKenzie suggests cutting […]

Soyder: the next craft trend?

Necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of Alexandra Camara, Laura Manerus and Natalie Martic, soy-based cider is their brainchild. With the potential to win $2,500, the University of Guelph undergraduate students entered the annual Project SOY competition to prove the versatility and taste attributes of soy. Now in its 21st year, Project […]

Inspiralized to add tofu

If you’re a foodie, then you already know that spiralized vegetables are a huge trend. For as little as $20, a new kitchen gadget can ‘spiralize” the firm, solid flesh of vegetables into pasta-like strands. Fun for kids, right? And what an inspiration for parents who want their kids to eat healthy. To add protein […]

Frozen soy north

Surprising what you can find in the freezer section at the local grocer: shelled edamame, soy burgers, soy “chicken” tenders, soy ice cream, even soy whipping cream. All of these products are next door to the refrigerated soy milk and soy yogurt. At least, that was my experience at a local Sobey’s store. Both American […]

Facts versus beliefs

Why is there still a question mark about soyfoods? Some put more stock in the wizardry of cell phones than the science of food. Surprisingly, society is questioning what used to be scientific fact. Note the controversies over pasteurizing milk to prevent illness related to E. coli or listeria and immunizing children to prevent whooping […]

The tofu story never gets old

Recently at a checkout counter, I was reminded of the gulf between consumers, cuisines and cultures. The young Asian gentleman behind me queried the clerk about the origins of tofu. He thought it came from goat’s milk! If there was ever a moment designed for me to jump in, this was it. He was incredulous […]

Get well, be well with fermented foods

Modern science is affirming ancient medicine: eat fermented foods. A diversity of good bacteria in your gut leads to multiple health benefits such as a strengthened immune system and better mood. Two of the most commonly named fermented foods – miso and tempeh — originate with soybeans. Miso is a paste made from soybeans, sea […]

Soy: Meat Without the Bones

My Soy Odyssey Soy: Meat Without the Bones One of the 29 most unusual mystery ingredients on the popular TV show Chopped Canada comes from the soy family:  soya bean curd sheets. It’s right up there with periwinkle snails and romanesco greens. Soya bean curd sheets, I’ve discovered, look very much like sheets of pasta […]