Why soy-based beverages are okay for children

Fortified soy milk is a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk.

Hot flashes, sleepless nights- eating more soy can help

As if job stress and concerns about children and aging parents weren’t bad enough.

Three meals, three chances to incorporate protein-rich soy

Why distributing protein over three meals may keep muscles strong as we age

Soy Health Claim

Health Canada approves a healthy diet that includes soy can help lower cholesterol.

Meeting Growing Demand for Tempeh

Meeting Growing Demand for Tempeh

Want to Stay Slim? Up Your Flavonoid Intake

Want to Stay Slim? Up Your Flavonoid Intake  

Soy Foods Provide More Than Protein

Soy Foods Provide More Than Protein

Dietitian Sees Opportunity for Canada’s New Food Guide

Registered Dietitian Sees Opportunity for Canada’s New Food Guide

Edamame, extra-firm tofu and soy milk – three ways to get enough meatless protein

If you’ve given up meat for health reasons you need to stay focused on nutrition.

Veggie burgers deserve a second chance: dietitian

Flavourful and juicy, even my meat-loving husband enjoyed it.

Professional advice on losing weight, maintaining muscle mass

I’m a 40-year-old male who needs to lose 20 pounds

Fuel your workday with homemade meals

Leslie Beck: Make this single change to your diet to save calories and cash

Soy-Based Drinkable Yogurt A Winner at Annual Made-From-Soy Contest

Yogurt, Paper, Fuel Winner at Annual Made-From-Soy Contest

Jamie Oliver’s twist on chicken noodle soup with tofu

Tofu can be a divisive ingredient

More non-vegetarians are using meat alternatives

Vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives have come such a long way in terms of flavour and texture.

Try One-Pan Dish: Japanese Tofu Curry

Japanese curry is different from other curries

Innovation Has its Roadblocks

Expert panel gets real about the challenges of developing the next big thing

Cleaning Up Nutritional Labels

How high oleic oilseed crops helped food processors come clean

Including soy in your diet may also benefit bones

Go beyond dairy for the calcium your body needs for good bone health

Making a better breakfast with nut butters

What type of nut butter should I eat if I’m trying to loose weight?

Protein-rich foods your heart will love

Foods rich in certain amino acids are the building blocks of protein

High-protein breakfast helps teen manage weight

Eating breakfast may do more than give kids an academic edge in the classroom.

Consider fermented foods such as natto and tempeh

Why you should add fermented foods – and their friendly bacteria – to your diet

Always tired? High-protein soy can keep energy flowing

Nine diet mistakes that can make you tired

Edamame and tempeh: two protein staples

Protein-rich foods are staples you should always have on hand

Soy foods are recommended source of calcium

Is it possible to get enough calcium without eating milk, yogurt and cheese?

Canadian Soy Food Companies Celebrate New Health Claim

Health Canada approves claim linking soy consumption to lower cholesterol

Consumers up protein intake for weight management

Protein has emerged as the most trustworthy nutrient for consumers globally.

Health Canada approves health claim for soy food

Consumption of protein-rich soy food proven to lower cholesterol levels   Soy 2020 News Release

8 Tips to eat more plant-based meals

The overarching reasons for adopting a vegan diet

Lower your cholesterol now to prevent heart disease

If you’ve been told your cholesterol is on the high side, take steps now to bring your number down.

Top Five Reasons to Eat Soyfoods: The Most Promising Research of 2014

Soy is one of the most researched foods on the Earth.

Edamame now grown locally in Ontario

Family farm stakes future on edamame

Creative solutions to serve kid-friendly protein

Protein requirements are based on body weight and vary by age.

GM Crops Translate Into Higher Productivity on Less Land

GM foods won’t solve the food crisis.

Proteins such as soy to fortify breakfast cereals

Kellogg NPD scientist: Protein has plenty of challenges

U of Toronto Nutrition Professor Includes Soy Every Day

Doctor’s Notes: What the food experts eat, and what they skip

Leslie Beck: Vegan Athletes Can Get Enough Protein

Can vegan athletes still build muscle and compete in sports?

Thailand Study Shows Priobiotic Bacteria May Increase Bioavailability of Soy Isoflavones

Synbiotic fermented milk may boost isoflavone bioavailability: Human data

Soy Breast Cancer Study Not Reflective Of Current Knowledge

The soy industry has hit back at a recent study that suggested soy supplementation could worsen rather than ameliorate breast cancer by influencing gene behaviour.

Huge Potential For Plant Proteins, Beverages In Aging Market

Age is just a number: Huge potential for protein in aging markets, says DuPont.

High-Protein Diet May Lower Blood Pressure

People who eat a high-protein diet have a lower risk of high blood pressure.

Sports Nutrition Manufacturers Experimenting With More Plant Proteins

Accelerating move toward plant proteins shakes up sports nutrition market, expert says.

Potential For Protein-Balancing Product For Children Aged 5-15

Nestlé files patent for kids’ protein balance

Soy is One Milk Alternative

What’s a healthier choice: rice milk, soy milk or almond milk?

Young Women Prepare Tofu Because It’s Quick And Easy To Cook

The new face of tofu and how to get your friends to try it

Sodium-Reduced Soy Sauce is Sound Choice

Soy sauce not only adds a saltiness that enhances the other flavours in the dish, but also has great earthy, savoury, umami flavour.

Plant-Based Diets: The Rise And Rise of Flexitarian Eating

In large parts of the developing world, meat consumption is increasing, but in some developed nations – including in parts of Europe – it is declining.

Understanding The Hormonal Effects of Soy

Soyfoods have a long history of consumption throughout Asia and have been valued for their high-quality protein and healthy fatty acid profile.

Tempeh Is The Soy Ingredient That Overhauls Caesar Salad

Some may lump tempeh, the soybean-based food into the same “no way” category as tofu.

Soy May Favourably Affect Non-Traditional Risk Factors For Coronary Heart Disease

The fact that soyfoods can play an important role in heart-healthy diets is fairly self-evident.    

Soy Helps Promote Cardiovascular Health

 Diet plays a major role in reducing one’s risk of developing heart disease.

Flexitarian Diets Are Gaining Favour

Meat reduction – or ‘flexitarian’ eating – is on the rise. In this special edition article, FoodNavigator asks why are consumers reducing meat, and how prevalent is the trend?

Alberta Family Business Makes Fresh Tofu

Tofu fans drive long distances to production plant in Edmonton’s Chinatown

Ontario Soy Food Manufacturer Traces Roots To Student Competition

University competition helped launch Ontario soy food business

Where And When You Eat Protein Counts

Jennifer Sygo: We all need more protein, but be careful where and when you get it

Daily Soy Intake Reduces Compounds Linked To Dysfunctional Blood Vessels

Soy protein shows heart health benefits: RCT  

Dietitians’ Attitudes Towards Soy

Canadian dietitians recommend soy as part of a healthy diet  

Dietitians Of Canada National Conference

 June 13 – 15, 2013 at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia  

New Campaign To Boost Soy Food Awareness

Food media and dietitian outreach underway

No Worries About Soy Links To Breast Cancer

Can soy actually protect against breast cancer?

Vegetarian Diet: Scientists Predict World’s Population will be Vegetarian by 2050

Several ways to eat more plants

What’s Driving the Decline in U.S. Meat Consumption?

Health and environmental reasons are behind less meat  

Meta-Analysis Supports Isoflavones’ Weight Benefits for Menopausal Women

Another thumbs-up for soy isoflavones

Muffin-Lovers with High Cholesterol Sought for University of Guelph Study

Soy-flour-based muffins to be tested on reducing bad cholesterol

Soy Survey: 77% Approve, 2% Don’t

Company survey shows no barriers to soy consumption

The Science of Soy

Registered dietitian Alison Duncan debunks myths York Regional Community Health

Soy’s Role in Athletic Performance

The role of soy in the performance of active and athletic Americans

Caregivers Need to Care for Own Health

Soyfoods help women step up healthy eating

Protein Work-Out Booster

Plant animal protein blend boosts post-workout muscles May 3

New Study on Liver Disease

 Soy protein may reduce symptoms of fatty liver disease April 24  

Soy Cools a Hot Flash

New study highlights soy’s benefits in menopausal women. April 18

The New Vegetarian

Flexitarianism – some meat, mostly plants – is gaining favour and fans among Canadian chefs. April 2

Soy isoflavones again linked to blood pressure benefits

Daily consumer products containing soy isoflavones could help in significantly reducing blood pressure across general populations, according to a new study.

Top up pizza with soy-based pepperoni

It’s easy to incorporate soy products into mainstream cuisine. Visit the Globe & Mail Article.  

Menopausal Research on Soy Isoflavones

Peri- and menopausal women will want to check out this research on soy isoflavone’s role against hot flashes.

Judy Scott-Welden on CTV – Soy Demonstration

Nutritionist Judy Scott-Welden demonstrates how to incorporate soy into a busy lifestyle with CTV Southwestern Ontario News at Noon host Nancy Richards.    

Soybean Companies Merge

Four of Canada’s premier identity-preserved soybean companies merge to offer more to farmers and end users. View the full press release here.

Canadian Soy Food Marketing Council Founded

Guelph, ON, November 21, 2011 A newly established Canadian marketing council, led by Guelph based Soy 20/20, will focus its efforts on the development and marketing of Canadian soy food products. Download and read the whole news release.